Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Orleans -- Saturday -- July 19, 2014

The alarm went off at 3am on Saturday and we got ready to go.  The cat did not want to get up.  The car came at 4:35am and took us to the airport.  There was a huge line for Southwest.  We checked in and soon after boarded our flight.  It arrived in Phoenix on time and most of the passengers got off, but we stayed on for New Orleans. 

The 737 taxied most of the way to New Mexico before it took off.  I enjoyed looking out the window at the clouds and their shadows.  I got my first view of the Mississippi River.  We landed at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. I later learned that the MSY code comes from the airport's original name, Moisant Field. Pioneering aviator John B Moisant died near New Orleans on 31-December-1910 ( 

A car met us and took us to the Hotel Monteleone on Royal Street in New Orleans.  It is an impressive looking place.  Our room was not ready, so they gave us two vouchers for the Carousel Bar and Lounge.  It was jammed with people, including a group taking wedding photos, so we explored and found the rooftop pool and bar.  We sat in the sun until our room was ready.  The room itself was nicely decorated and was kept neat and tidy. 

We left the hotel and found our way to Jackson Square and the Saint Louis Cathedral.  There was a good crowd for 5 o'clock mass.  I think most of the people there were tourists.  The celebrant gave a nice homily on the parable of the sower.  The interior of the church was beautiful. 

There was a second collection for the conservation and restoration of the cathedral. 

After mass, we walked down to the river and took a look.  Then we got on a Riverfront streetcar to Canal Street.  The driver had mentioned that the buffet at Harrah's was good.  The food was ok, but it was too expensive. 

We got on a Canal Street streetcar and rode back to Royal Street.  We stopped at a Walgreen's near the hotel and got some water and soft drinks and two three-day JazzyPasses.  We went back to our room and took it easy for the rest of the evening. 

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