Thursday, July 3, 2014

This is the 8 Foot Horn -- July 3, 2014

This ad from the November, 1903 Edison Phonograph Monthly shows how a dealer in Utica, New York attracted attention to his shop using an 8 foot long phonograph horn.  From the July, 1903 issue:

An Advertising Horn 8 Feet 8
Inches Long With a 3 Foot 3
Inch Bell.

"Perhaps the largest advertising horn in use is the one that hangs in front of our supply house," writes E. A. Batchelor, manager of the Utica Electric and Phonograph Supply House, of Utica, N.Y.  "We use this horn and a Home Phonograph to give concerts on certain evenings during the week.  Every night that we use it the street becomes so crowded that it is hard for anyone to pass through.  This horn is made of galvanized iron and bronzed with aluminum.  It is very distinct and full of volume.  It may be easily heard above the rumbling of the street railroads and the rattling of wagons.  Any Dealer wishing to build a horn of this size may ascertain the cost of the horn and a swinging arm to hold same from the building by writing to Frank Ecker, iron pattern maker, 12 Pearl street, Utica, N.Y.  We believe this will be of great value to Phonograph Dealers who will take hold of it.  No Dealer need think this is an experiment, for it is not; it is in actual use at our store." 

In a competition with Freudian overtones, Shenandoah, Louisiana dealer DR Wilson used a 21-foot long horn to advertise his wares at the Page County Fair.  From the February, 1904 Edison Phonograph Monthly. 

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