Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve #2 -- December 24, 2012

Actress Clara Bow prepares her Christmas gifts.  I love the glasses.  The image is from the wonderful site LucyWho:

There was a big storm yesterday.  Our power went out in the early afternoon.

Today it was sunny, but not warm.  There were not many people on BART in the morning.  The office was quiet.  My new manager let us leave at Noon.  BART was busier on the way home.  I wrapped more presents.

We went to 5 o'clock mass at Good Shepherd.   There were lots of people.  Father Jess talked about his recent trip to the Holy Land and how it didn't do much for him till he put the commercialism out of his mind. 

When we got home, I found a jury duty summons in the mail. 

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