Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 -- December 31, 2012

The Giants won the World Series.  I did not have high hopes when closer Brian Wilson had to undergo his second Tommy John surgery in April, and outfielder Melky Cabrera, their most consistent hitter, got suspended in August.  

The Occupy Movement has not been as active this year, but has carried on in many places.  The rebellion in Syria has grown.

I have enjoyed the regular monthly series. 

In January I wrote about the latest Treasures set from the National Film Preservation Foundation, Treasures From the American Film Archives, The West.  I participated in a 2010 blogathon which raised money to preserve two of the short films in the set.  I did my small part for the Internet Strike. 

In February I stopped the monthly Benny Bufano series.  I will pick it up again on an irregular basis as I photograph more of his sculptures.  We celebrated the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.  San Francisco's Old Clam House celebrated its 150th birthday.  SMART (Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit) broke ground in Petaluma.

In March I started a monthly series of railroad ads.  

In April I posted a week of articles on the Titanic to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her sinking.

In May I participated in the third annual For the Love of Film blogathon: For the Love of Hitchcock.  I did five articles on Hitchcock in movie industry annuals.  We also celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

June was an exciting month.  Matt Cain pitched a perfect game against the Houston Astros on 13-June-2012.  This was the first perfect game in the history of the Giants.   Later in the June, the Giants swept the Dodgers in a three-game series.  This was the first time they had done that.

Also in June, I revived a monthly series of photos of classic cars from the 2010 San Francisco International Auto Show.  

On 24-June-2012 I celebrated the fifth anniversary of this blog. 

In July I reached the fifth anniversary of the cat pictures. Three Giants were elected to start on the All Star team, Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey and Melky Cabrera.

Also in July I revived the monthly series of pulp magazine and comic book covers.  

In August, during the London Olympics, I posted a series of newspaper articles about Jim Thorpe.  I resumed the Grauman's Chinese series.  I also started a new series of ads for the Oz Film Manufacturing Company.  Caesar's Italian Restaurant closed. 

In September I moved to a new office building.  I miss hearing the sirens from Station One.  I talked to school kids about the topic of the DAR essay contest: unsung heroes of the Revolutionary War.  We celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. 

Also in September, I stopped the monthly door series.  I'll probably make it an irregular series.  I started a short series within the slapstick series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Keystone. 

In October, the Giants won the World Series, sweeping the Detroit Tigers.  I went to the parade.  BART celebrated its 40th birthday, and we observed the 50th anniversary of the start of Vatican II.  I stopped the monthly alley series.

In November, I was happy to see President Barack Obama get reelected.  Giants catcher Buster Posey was named National League MVP.  I started a new series of ferryboat photos. I attended a festival of historic vehicles that was part of the celebrations leading up to Muni's 100th birthday. 

In December, the San Francisco Municipal Railway celebrated its 100th birthday.  Pianist and composer Dave Brubeck died.  

Among the items in the series on the Van Der Weyde family were a Scientific American obituary of Dr P. H. Van Der Weyde, an obituary of son Nicholas J Van Der Weyde, and photos by his son Henry and his grandson William.  I may reduce the frequency of this series one of these months.

Inspired by the America's Cup trials, I included some images of yachts in the WA Coulter series.  I'll do more in 2013. 

I see I did not mention the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida.  We don't know the whole story, but there is injustice there.  I did mention at least a couple of the terrible mass shootings that have taken place.  The NRA has helpfully suggested that the answer is more guns.  Teachers should be armed.  Firemen should be armed.  Everyone in a movie theater should be armed.  Violence begets violence.  The NRA used to be a good organization that taught responsibility.  It has become an agent of evil. 

The image shows Texas-born actress Florine McKinney, who appeared in many movies including Horse Feathers with the 4 Marx Brothers.  It comes from the wonderful site LucyWho (

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