Saturday, October 27, 2012

International Orange -- October 27, 2012

Today we went to Fort Point.  Traffic was horrible in the Presidio, especially on the road to the fort.  The International Orange art exhibit will close tomorrow.  16 artists created installations to honor the 75th birthday of the bridge.  The bunting in the casemates is Alison Smith's Fort Point Bunting.  On the back of each bunting is a photo and a quote from a veteran.  Other exhibits included a camera obscura, video, photos and a mock store that included only International Orange items.

Up on the barbette tier, we were shocked to find that it was warm and windless.  I don't think I have ever been that warm at Fort Point.

We went to Laurel Village, had lunch at AG Ferrari, and visited Books Inc.  At mass my wife and I took the October census again.  After mass we went to Rockin Robs for dinner.

The Giants beat the Tigers 2-0 in Detroit in the third game of the World Series, the second shutout in a row.  Ryan Vogelsong started and pitched well.  Tim Lincecum and  Sergio Romo relieved.  I'm happy. 

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