Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Hard Work Being a Cat #64 -- October 25, 2012

I took this photo on 13-October-2012. 

The actor who plays the teacher on Glee sang the National Anthem. Marine Corporal Nicholas Kimmel, who lost an arm and both legs in Afghanistan, threw out the first pitch, accompanied by Willie Mays and Barry Zito. Kimmel made a good throw and Sergio Romo caught it on the fly.

Madison Bumgarner and Doug Fister both pitched well.  There was no score until the 7th inning.  Romo saved it in the 9th.  The Giants won 2-1, and lead the series 2-0.  I'm enjoying myself.

Fister got hit in the head by a line drive, but continued to pitch well.  

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