Saturday, September 22, 2012

Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation - September 22, 2012

In July, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln showed his cabinet a draft of an order that freed the slaves in any rebellious state that did not return to the Union by 01-January-1863.  Some cabinet members objected, but Lincoln said he would issue the proclamation after the next Union victory.  He had to wait until 22-September-1862, after the Battle of Antietam, when the Army of the Potomac drove back the Army of Northern Virginia, which had invaded Maryland.

The stamp was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the proclamation taking effect.  

Update 9:15pm: The Giants beat the Padres to win the National League West.

Today we drove to Fifth and Mission and walked down Market.  We visited The Melt in the Embarcadero Center and had lunch.  We stopped at the MSR Museum and then walked to the ballpark.  We saw Sergio Romo, Brian Wilson and Tim Flannery arrive.  We walked back on Third Street. 

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