Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keystone 100 -- September 23, 2012

This year we mark the 100th anniversary of the Keystone company.  Here is an ad from the 1916 edition of the Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual.  It depicts director Eddie Cline and his team.  Cline later directed most of Buster Keaton's early short films and later directed many of WC Fields' best features, including The Bank Dick. Slim Summerville's family name is spelled "Somerville."  I think Bobby Dunn lost an eye doing a stunt at Keystone, but carried on using a glass eye.  I could swear the guy in the lower left is identified as "Clarry Lydon," but I assume it is Larry Lyndon.  I wonder if assistant director RB Kerr is the man listed in the IMDB as Robert P Kerr.  Peggy Pearce appeared in movies with both Charley and Syd Chaplin.  Vivian Edwards appeared with Charley.  Cameraman Kenneth MacLean has a few items listed in the IMDB.  What do you suppose the "MS" in the border between the Keystones means? The "MS" in the border between the Keystones stands for "Mack Sennett." 

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