Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To our Readers -- March 7, 2012

Doctor Peter Henri Van Der Weyde wrote the series of articles which gave this blog its name. This item, from the September, 1871 Manufacturer and Builder, introduces him as editor-in-chief after co-founder and co-editor Charles Callis Western passed away. 

We are happy to congratulate our readers that we have made permanent arrangements with Prof. P. H. Van der Weyde as the editor-in-chief of  THE MANUFACTURER AND BUILDER. Prof. Van der Weyde has been a co-laborer with Mr. Charles Callis Western, lately deceased, since the establishment of this journal, and has been the author of most of the original papers appearing in its pages. His well-known reputation is a guarantee that THE MANUFACTURER AND BUILDER will remain the best publication of its kind in this country, and inferior to none, even in Europe.


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