Saturday, March 3, 2012

San Francisco History Expo #2 -- March 3, 2012

Today I attended the second annual San Francisco History Expo at the Old Mint. There was a line of people on the steps waiting to get in before it opened. There were more exhibitors this year, including the Friends of the Cable Car Museum. I had nice chats with José Godoy and Don Holmgren and got to meet Mike Phipps, who has written a new book about cable cars, which should be out soon. I heard Woody LaBounty talk about Carville, and had a nice chat with him later. Here is a photo of Woody giving his talk.  Then Don Holmgren spoke about San Francisco's cable car lines in 1890.

After that, I met my daughter, who had been out shopping, and we had sandwiches at Latte Express.

The weather was clear and relatively warm today.

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