Saturday, March 24, 2012

Clement Street and Rain -- March 24, 2012

Today our daughter went to an event at Star of the Sea Church.  My wife and I wanted to walk around our old neighborhood.  It was raining lightly when we parked in the lot on Ninth Avenue.  We went to the Walgreens in the former Coliseum Theater and bought a nice golf umbrella.  We walked past Pinelli's Flowerland, where I bought her flowers every ten days after we got married.  I had to slow down after we bought a house.  We walked past the doughnut place where I used to buy us treats.  We went to Schubert's Bakery and bought pastries.  I had forgotten how small it is.  We wound up by Busvan's, which closed recently.  We bought the computer desk I am sitting at as I type this at Busvan's. 

On the way back, we stopped at See's Candy and bought some items for Easter.  The clerk was talkative.  A man came in with two small children who were very excited. 

We went to the Richmond Branch Library, where I had spent a lot of time when I was growing up.  We walked through the door and the desk was gone.  I was disappointed to see that there are not many books, upstairs or downstairs in the children's room.  The library is cleaner and brighter than it was before.  I found only a few books I had read still on the shelves. 

It was raining harder when we left the library.  We went back to the car and went for a little drive.  

After the event was done, we went to Bill's Place to have lunch, but it was jammed.  We drove back to Pacifica and ate at Rockin' Robs. 

We went home and listened to the Giants on the radio.  Spring training is nearly over. 

We went to five o'clock mass and it was still raining hard. 

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