Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giants Victory Parade -- November 3, 2010

I got a noon meeting moved to tomorrow, so I was able to attend the Giants victory parade. When I got to the BART station this morning, there were all sorts of fans wandering around. I got off at Powell Street and there were people sitting along the fence.

We left the office about 10:30 and found the streets heading towards Market backed up almost to Mission. We went up Sansome and over on Bush. I couldn't get very close, but by the time I was ready to move over to California or Sacramento, the street had filled in behind me.

There were people hanging out of the windows of the older buildings, like the Millls and the Russ. When parade came by, I could see the roofs of the motorized cable cars, like this one with Madison Bumgarner. It was still exciting.

For the rest of the afternoon, there were people yelling and blowing stadium horns on the street.

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