Friday, November 26, 2010

E-M-F "Polar Bear" Resembles a Greyhound When it Tries to Run -- November 26, 2010

E-M-F (Everitt-Metzger-Flanders) was an American automobile manufacturer that ran into quality-control problems. Just as FIAT stood for "Fix It Again, Tony," E-M-F was said to stand for "Every Morning Fix It." Studebaker took over in 1910 and continued to sell E-M-F cars until 1912. This story, from the 16-November-1910 San Francisco Call, talks about a stock E-M-F Model 30, named Polar Bear, that set a class record in Atlanta.

Today the family came downtown with me when I went to work. They shopped, met me for lunch at Chevys, and then went to see Tangled. By the time they were done, I was able to leave. We encountered lots of traffic getting out of Fifth and Mission, but once we got on Sixth Street and the 280 Extension, the roads were clear.

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