Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strange Weather -- April 11, 2010

The Giants lost their first game yesterday. Today they were supposed to start playing at 1pm, but it was raining. This was the Braves' last visit for the season, so it was a very long rain delay. At times it was coming down very hard. The game started while we were eating dinner. When we checked, the Giants were behind 2-1 in the sixth. Almost immediately, they went ahead 3-2. It started to rain again later, but they scored some security runs and won the game 6-3. It was raining when we drove home.

They were celebrating the tenth anniversary of the ballpark. Most of the members of the 2000 Giants came, so there were lots of people to interview during the rain delay. It was nice to see Woody and Nenn and others.

I took the photo of the Willie Mays statue on 21-September-2007.

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