Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Shepherd Auction #2 -- April 25, 2010

Yesterday we attended the annual auction/dinner dance for Good Shepherd School. This year it was held at Nick's Restaurant, a Pacifica institution in Rockaway Beach. We donated a history walking tour for two families. There was a good turnout. I think they made some money.

I took the photo after we parked last night.

Before the festitivites, we went to mass at Good Shepherd church. When my wife got to work Friday, there were fire trucks parked around the church. It turned out that the baptismal font had flooded and covered the floor with water. Father Piers said that vandals had gotten into the pump room and opened the faucet to fill the font. There were fans and three big dehumidifiers set up to dry the floor. We hope they won't have to replace the hardwood. Why would someone do that to a church?

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