Friday, April 9, 2010

Giants Home Opener -- April 9, 2010

When I got to the BART station this morning, I saw smoke just to the south. I thought it couldn't be a fire, because I don't hear any sirens. Then I heard sirens.

At lunchtime I took a walk towards the ballpark. There were lots of people. I saw a blimp and an airplane towing a large sign.

At 1:30, we heard jets fly over.

When I left work, I checked the score on my Blackberry. It said Atlanta 4, Giants 2 in the 9th. When I got home, it was the 12th inning. The Giants won in the 13th. They are now 4-0.

The photo is an example of the Giants' current strange advertising campaign. I took the photo on 27-March-2010.

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