Monday, February 23, 2009

Book: Watchmen -- February 23, 2009

I missed Watchmen when it first came out, but I kept hearing about. Now that they're getting ready to release the movie, I thought I should catch up. I liked the conceit of people being inspired by comic books to become "costumed adventurers". Most of the costumed adventurers did not have super powers.

The characters seemed familar. After I read the book, I looked around on the web and found that the author was inspired by Charlton characters of the 1960s. I usually avoided Charlton comics, but I bought the issue of Captain Atom where Steve Ditko relaunched that character and the Blue Beetle. I also remember the Question Mark.

I liked the graffiti, and the quotes.

It's not for young kids.

There was a lot of rain yesterday. We watched the Academy Awards. They tried something different for the acting categories, having a previous winner introduce each nominee.

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