Friday, December 19, 2008

Radio Site #1 -- December 19, 2008

The San Francisco Radio City building at O'Farrell and Taylor was built for NBC (the National Broadcasting Company) in 1942. Stations KPO (NBC Red Network, later KNBC, now KNBR) and KGO (NBC Blue Network) were housed there. NBC sold the Blue Network, which became the basis of ABC (the American Broadcasting Company) in 1943. KGO continued to use Radio City until 1954. KNBR moved out in 1967. The building was later used for many years by a UHF television station, KBHK, Channel 44.

I took the photo of the CJ Fitzgerald mural in July, 2002.

Radio history from John Schneider's wonderful site Voices Out of the Fog:

The family joined me downtown after work. We went to the Cheesecake Factory at Macy's for supper. The lady in the ground floor lobby said it would be 35-40 minutes for three people. We went upstairs and found the lobby jammed with people. We put in our name and the guy at the desk said to come back in 20 minutes and get a pager. It took another 25 minutes. Then we got a table outside on the balcony. Despite the heaters, it was very cold. The food was good and the lights were beautiful. We had a nice time.

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