Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold and Clear -- December 17, 2008

The outside temperature gauge in the car said it was 38F when I got in this morning. It said 34 when I got to the beach. A former co-worker insists that the gauges in that model are always 3 degrees high. I might be happier if I didn't have the gauge.
When I got to work, the newly installed monitor in the elevator said it was 41.
On the other hand, it was very clear. I took the photo this morning.
I've been meaning to look at the blog statistics and see what searches are finding this site. Here are some recent ones:
1. air filled viscus melie (!?)
2. douglas tilden Admission Day
3. qfm key west
4. locomobile automobile
5. mutoscope (two times)
6. houdini movies
7. red-devil horseless van (!?)
8. san francisco midwinter fair
9. midwinter fair + de young
10. funicular restaurant california haft moon bay
11. barney oldfield (two times)
12. train bridge photos by gutekunst
13. the karno troup
14. ball track sphere art rail
15. hannibal boek 2008
16. midwinterfair foto,s 2008
17. midwinterfair 2008 photo
I find that with the image searches I can tell what image they found, but not the criteria they may have entered to find it.

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