Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giants Wall of Fame #2 -- November 15, 2008

In September, 2008 the Giants unveiled their Wall of Fame along the King Street side of the ballpark. The first set of plaques in the series honors early San Francisco Giants pitcher Stu Miller, slugger Orlando Cepeda, outfielder and later manager Felipe Alou and catcher and later manager Tom Haller.

I took the photo on 29-September-2008.
It was warm and sunny today. We went downtown and saw the California Historical Society's current exhibit: "California Presidential: Candidates and Campaigns from the Golden State." I liked the set of signs explaining their criteria for including or not including candidates. Adlai Stevenson was not included since he was born here, but didn't reside here. A giant poster of Herbert Hoover was scary.
We walked over to Market to go to Macys, but found the anti Proposition 8 rally was making the turn from Market to Stockton. Where were all these people before the election? There were a lot of anti-religion signs.
We stopped at Old Navy then went home.

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