Saturday, November 29, 2008

California Academy of Science -- November 29, 2008

Today we went to see the new home of the California Academy of Science. We drove to the park and found a space by Stow Lake. We walked down and found lots and lots of autos. There were long lines out in front, including one slightly shorter for the members. While we waited, an announcement said that they had stopped selling tickets for the day and that only people who had bought tickets online or members could get in.
It was too crowded. My wife pointed out that the structure was poorly laid out. The two big domes, for the rain forest and the planetarium, took up too much space. The penguins are now in the African Hall (they preserved or reproduced the old roof), but there are no bleachers to watch them. We couldn't get downstairs to reach the acquarium. We found stairs and went up to the roof. The view was nice.
I took the photo today.
We went to Target in Serramonte and did some shopping. Also crowded.
The Advent wreath was up at mass.

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