Saturday, December 1, 2007

Downtown - December 1, 2007

Today we went downtown. My wife had to return something at the San Francisco Center. I took this photograph of the reflection of the Emporium dome in the pavement. We went on to Macys and looked at the animals in the windows. There was a black and white kitten sacked out on a bed; we could have taken him or her home. We went downstairs to Boudin's to get some lunch, but there were no tables available. We went across the street to Union Square to eat. There was some sort of dance show going on, and there were signs from the Dialogue Project ( with hundreds of quotes on different subjects. I enjoyed reading them, especially the many quotes from Twain, Churchill, and Wilde. One I hadn't seen before was "Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum" ("I think I think therefore I think I am") from Ambrose Bierce.
We went on out Grant and down to Portsmouth Square. Walking back along Kearney, we saw that the gripman on California Street car 49 had a parka with the hood up and a scarf across his face. I didn't blame him.

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shahn said...

i was there on saturday too.
the sidewalks were packed. it was like visiting new york. wonderful.