Monday, October 15, 2007

Original Joe's Restaurant Fire -- October 15, 2007

A fire on 12-October-2007 shut down Original Joe's Restaurant on Taylor Street in San Francisco. Grease in the flues caught fire when they lit the broiler before opening for lunch. My uncle says my grandfather had the flues cleaned once a week in his restaurant. Some restaurants do it only rarely. Original Joe's may be closed for a couple of months.

They do a great hamburger on French bread. And, of course, Joe's Special. I get a nickel for every one they sell ;0)

The original Joe's-style restaurant was New Joe's on Broadway, which opened in or about 1934. Original Joe's, which opened in 1937, was the second. The original New Joe's closed in 1970. The new New Joe's on Geary near Powell closed a few years ago. Westlake Joe's may be the most successful version in the area. I understand they have Joe's in other cities as well.

A Joe's-style restaurant has a counter and a charcoal broiler. The open kitchen is always fun to watch, especially when the pans flare up. The waiters wear tuxes. There should be a bar.


shahn said...

i loved eating at joe's.
do you have any vintage pictures to post?

Joe Thompson said...

I have vintage pictures and menus from some other restaurants. I have to get them scanned.

Joe Thompson ;0)