Saturday, October 13, 2007

KLSI 89.3 FM #2 - October 13, 2007

I wrote about KLSI Moss Beach -- Q-FM -- back in August. Since then, I have heard from two people in Texas who listen to one of its sister stations, KAQQ. The primary station in the group is WAZQ Key West. Along with the two people in Texas, I have heard two brief announcer-read commercials, one for Ashley Furniture in Key West and one for Domino's Pizza. The announcer pronounced Domino in a funny way (Dah - mee -no?). Maybe it wasn't for the chain. Two infrequently-heard commercials can't be enough to pay the bills.

Announcements are now done by the deep male voice and a female voice ("We're not just radio -- We're Q-FM"). Weather reports are definitely for Key West. I think I have noticed that they are including more recent music in the mix. At the end of the string of stations they announce, they now say "KLSI Moss Beach/San Francisco". I doubt the station can be heard in San Francisco. I'll have to try it tomorrow.

Here is the Q-FM website, which is not very informative:


Anonymous said...

KAQQ- MIdland TX.

Up until a week ago we were getting this station. For some reason, it now has gone to a Christian station, KLPN. Are you getting the same thing in CA?

I much prefer the other format, we have more than enough Christian radio stations here in the flatlands!

Joe Thompson said...

I find it interesting you said that. For at least a week we in Pacifica, CA, have been hearing a public radio station that interferes with KLSI. I will keep trying and see if I can catch them.

Joe Thompson ;0)