Saturday, July 30, 2022

Initial Coastwise Voyage of S.S. H. F. Alexander -- July 30, 2022

San Francisco Examiner, 06-July-1922

The S.S. Great Northern was launched in 1914 for the Great Northern Pacific Steam Ship Company. The Great Northern and her sister the Northern Pacific were extremely fast turbine-driven ships used to connect Puget Sound with San Francisco. In 1917, both ships were taken over to serve as Army transports during World War One. Both ships were sold to the Pacific Steamship Company, owner of the Admiral Line. The Northern Pacific sank on its way to a shipyard for refurbishment. 

This 1922 ad touts the "Initial Coastwise Voyage of S.S. 'H. F. Alexander'," an excursion from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 14 hours. 

The Admiral Line folded up in 1936. The H. F. Alexander served again as a troop transport during World War Two. She was scrapped in 1948. 

San Francisco Examiner, 06-July-1922 53536

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