Monday, March 1, 2021

March, 2021 Version of the Cable Car Home Page -- March 1, 2021

The Cable Car Home Page will be 25 years old in November.

I just put the March, 2021 version of my Cable Car Home Page on the server:

It includes some new items:
1. Picture of the Month:  An outbound car of the Sutro Railroad heads towards the terminal above Sutro Baths. The second Cliff House is visible in the background. (Source: OpenSFHistory / wnp4.1055).
2. On the Cable Car Lines in San Francisco page: A new article about the opening of the Sutro Railroad, including "The New Road to the Cliff", three 1896 San Francisco Call articles about the opening of the Sutro Railroad and the dedication of the second Cliff House.
3.On the Cable Car Lines in Ohio page: A ten year update about Cincinnati's Mount Auburn Cable Railway</a>, including the 2021 demolition of its powerhouse. 

4. Added News items about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and Carl Payne's illness

Ten years ago this month (March, 2011):
1. The picture of the month: A Cincinnati cable train lays over on the Blair Avenue loop at the outer end of the Mount Adams and Eden Park Railway.

2. On the new Cable Car Lines in Ohio page: A new article about Cincinnati's Mount Adams and Eden Park Railway. Also a newspaper article about an 1887 accident: CABLE CAR ACCIDENTS.

3. On the Who page: A new article about Henry M Lane, engineer on the Mount Adams and Eden Park and other cable lines

4. On the Motion Pictures Which Feature Cable Cars page: Thanks to Jack Tillmany, I added Chinatown Squad

5. Added Bibliography item about filmmaker and former cable car gripman Melvin Van Peebles

Twenty years ago this month (Winter, 2001):
1. Picture of the Quarter: Market/Hayes cable car by IW Taber

2. Roll out More Market Street Pictures page.

3. Add "The Los Angeles Cable Railway" article from Scientific American, courtesy of Tom Ehrenreich.

4. Ray Long provided two photographs of the Industry Hills Incline, one of Sacramento/Clay car 16 on the Emporium roof and one of Cal Cable 56 at Washington/Mason.

5. Add section on The Electrical System to How Page.

6. Add Beebe book and article about ergonomic adjustments to turntable to Bibliography.

Coming in April, 2021:

On the Cable Car Kitsch page: 

More cable car collectibles.

125 years ago this month:

On 13-March-1896, the cable on the former Boyle Heights line of the Los Angeles Cable Railway/Pacific Cable Railway was shut down.

On 23-March-1896, the Citizen's Traction Company began operating the former cable cars of the San Diego Cable Railway, converted to electric traction

50 years ago this month:

On 22-March-1971, a press release from the San Francisco Municipal Railway announces the purchase of 40 new grips that are of a revised and more easily maintained design.

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