Wednesday, March 31, 2021

COVID-19, Vaccine, Masks, Church, Baseball and School -- March 31, 2021

During March, the rates of infection and death continued to decline, but epidemiologists warned about mutated strains that could cause a third surge.

By March 23rd, about 545,000 Americans had died from the Trump Virus.

At about the same time, we learned that almost 25% of the US population had been vaccinated. 50% of US senior citizens have been fully vaccinated. My wife and daughter, both teachers, received the second of two vaccine shots in March, and I received my first shot.

The SFMTA says the F-Market and Wharves line should return on 15-May-2021. Hyde Street cable cars should return this fall, and the other lines later. Most light rail lines should be back early in 1922.

San Francisco and San Mateo Counties moved to the red tier, so indoor dining is returning. Good Shepherd Church in Pacifica was able to double the number of people they can have in the gym for mass. We will continue to attend in the car until I get my second dose.

Spring training has been strange with very few people in the stands.

My wife and daughter are both teaching in hybrid situations, with some kids in the classroom and some looking at Zoom. Their schools are encouraging more students to return to the classroom.  

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