Saturday, August 1, 2020

August, 2020 Version of the Cable Car Home Page -- August 1, 2020

Charles Smallwood Collection
I just put the August, 2020 version of my Cable Car Home Page on the server:

It includes some new items:
1. Picture of the Month: Not a cable car this month. Charles Smallwood hand-colored this image of Market Street Railway car 979 sitting at the outer terminal of the 31-Balboa line, at 30th Avenue and Balboa Street. I grew up down the street, but the streetcars were long gone.
2. On the San Francisco Miscellany page: Thanks to Emiliano Echeverria for letting me present a series of photos that were hand-colored by Charles Smallwood
3. Added News update about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the planned return of Muni Metro service. Updated Cliff Lift article with information about reopenings

Ten years ago this month (August, 2010):
1. Picture of the Month: The intersection of Twelfth and Market Streets in Philadelphia, where the Market Street cable line crossed a horse car line.
2. On the new Pennsylvania page: More about the Philadelphia Traction Company, including a lithograph of Twelfth and Market Streets and an 1892 newspaper article about how Philadelphia gripmen were developing asymmetrically
3. On the Cable Cars in the Pacific Northwest page, photos from our July, 2010 visit to Seattle
4. On the Los Angeles Area funiculars page: Roll out a new article about the funicular at the Victoria Station Restaurant at Universal City. Thank you to John Heller for telling me about the funicular. Also thanks to John for permission to use the only known photo of the Playa Del Rey Incline Railway

Twenty years ago this month (August, 2000):
1. Picture of the Month: Philadelphia Traction train
2. Roll out Philadelphia Traction Company on the Other Cities page.
3. Add news item about bell ringing contest
4. Bibliography: update information about J Bucknall Smith book.

Coming in September:
On the Cable Trams in the UK page: A ten year update on London's Brixton Cable Tramway

150 years ago, on 02-August-1870, London's cable-hauled Tower Subway began service.

125 years ago, on 10-August-1895, the Market Street Railway opened the Fillmore Hill Counterbalance

75 years ago, on 15-August-1945, VJ Day: Huge riots in San Francisco greeted the Japanese surrender

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