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Happy Saint Patrick's Day, 2018 -- March 17, 2019

Washington Herald, 17-March-1919
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone.

100 years ago, the Washington Herald published a Saint Patrick's Day quiz.  If anyone would like to try it, I will publish the results tomorrow.  I think I got only 5 of 22 correct.  I disagree with their answer to the last question.  

How Accurate Is Your Information as to Ireland and Irish Notables?? Sons of Erin Know Answers; Do You?

"Sure, an' there Is no better Irishman than me!"

Irishmen of Washington, all of you who proudly admit being Irish to the last drop of your word-renowned fighting blood, how much do you know about that blessed land of Erin of which you are so proud?

Do you know who De Valera is? Gratton? Daniel O'Connell? Do you know what great Irish patriot was hanged by the English In 1803? Can you tell in what county of Ireland Is located the Blarney Stone and. above all things, do you know of what nationality was St. Patrick, to whom you pay tribute to-day?

It is ventured that one Irishman in ever so many can answer the list of twenty-two questions printed on this page, and yet each has to do with men and things which have figured prominently in the history of the Emerald Isle.

The Irishmen Knew.

Several well-known Irish scholars were asked these questions and they experienced little difficulty In answering them. Dr. Joseph Dunn, at Catholic University, rattled off the whole list without a break, and was a bit embarrassed that one should think he couldn't. James McCormick, prominent In Irish fraternal circles, who not only is familiar with Irish history but also knows a thing or two about the Gaelic language, did the same.

Patrick T. Moran, who will preside tonight at the mass meeting at Liberty Hut. in celebration of St. Patrick, doesn't claim to be the first-rate scholar, but he struck a fairly good average in answering the questions. He missed a couple of 'em.

It la safe to say that a vast majority of Irishmen cannot call off the answers. If you don't believe It, try 'em on your Irish friends.

A. W. McGowan, a policeman of the First precinct, who makes the claim that no better Irishman ever happened than he. made an attempt to stand up before the quiz, but "got stuck" on the first one and gave it up when he heard a few more.
A Horse on Rooney.

Pat Rooney. the noted Irish comedian, who appeared at Keith's last week, took a crack at It, too. Pat knew that one had to be held by the heels to kiss the Blarney Stone, and that St. Patrick Is alleged to have chased all the snakes out of Ireland. His son, also Pat, knew that much, he said.

Rooney claimed he knew very nearly everything about an Irishman one would care to know, but the history of Ireland, he said, was a "horse of another color."

"Because I don't know the history of Ireland, that isn't to say that I'm not a good Irishman." explained Pat. "Do you know all the words of the 'Star Spangled Banner'? Nope? But that doesn't prove that you're not a flrst-rate American, does it? The same applies to those questions you asked me."

St. Patrick's Day Exercise.

You've heard of memory tests, and things like that? Of course, they're What they give a fellow when he tries to get into the Civil Service or the army. Those army tests were concocted by Max Watson, author of the Irish tests given below. How many can you answer? Try 'em on your Irish friends? Then turn over to the editorial page and see the right answers.

Are you ready for the questions?

All right, here they are:

1. What Is the Gaelic name for Ireland?

2. In what county of Ireland is the Blarney Stone located?

5. What prominent Irish patriot was hanged by the English on September 30. 1803.

4. What Is the name of the building In which the seat of the British government in Ireland is located?

6. What is the name of the college in Dublin established by Queen Elizabeth?

?. What is the meaning of Sinn Fein?

7. In what way does a person have to be held to kiss the Blarney Stone?

8. What are the four provinces of Ireland?

9. In what country was William of Orange born?

10. What city in Ireland Is the stronghold of the Orangemen?

11. Who was the leader of the Irish parliamentary party who died In 1918?

12. What Is the title of the British officer who is the chief executive of Ireland?

Everybody Knows These.

11 Who was the statesman associated with Henry Flood, instrumental in securing the independence of the Irish Parliament?

14. What is the name of the great Irish emancipator who had the religious tests abolished In the British Parliament?

15. Who is the provisional president of the present Irish republic?

16. Who are the two great leaders of the Irish language movement?

17. Who was the man who broke down the Irish landlord system?

18. What part of Ireland is famous for its lakes?

19. What place in Ireland is called the Devil's Acre by the Irish?

20. What is the name of the largest lake in Ireland?

21. According to Irish tradition, who drove the reptiles from Ireland?

22. What was the nationality of St. Patrick?

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