Monday, March 18, 2019

Answers Every Irishman Should Know -- March 18, 2019

Washington Herald, 17-March-1919
Here are the answers to yesterday's Saint Patrick's Day quiz.  I disagree with their answer to the last question.  

Answers Every Irishman Should Know

1. Erin.
2. Cork.
3. Emnmet.
4. Dublin Castle.
5. Trinity.
6. For ourselves (self-reliance).
7. Legs (feet).
8. Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught.
9. Holland.
10. Belfast.
11. Redmond.
12. Lord lieutenant.
13. Gratton.
14. O'Connell.
15. De Valera.
16. Hyde, MacNeil.
17. Davitt.
18. Kilarney.
19 Dublin Castle.
20. Loughneigh.
21. St. Patrick.
22. Scotch.

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Nick said...

Wales likes to claim St Patrick as a native son too. But I don't think you can really say much more for certain than that he was British. In any case, if he *was* from Scotland, it wasn't exactly "Scottish" yet.