Friday, November 3, 2017

The Bark Rufus C Wood Shortening Sail For a Tow -- November 3, 2017

San Francisco Call, 07-March-1897
The drawing is from the 07-March-1897 San Francisco Call. William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the newspaper. 

Nanaimo  is a port on Vancouver Island. 

The Bark Rufus C. Wood Wins Another Premium for a Speed Trip.

One of the coast greyhounds, the bark Rufus C. Wood, which arrived from Nanaimo yesterday afternoon, won another prize for her master, Captain McLeod. He made the round trip between this and the northern port in a little over twenty days, and the premium of a $50 suit of clothes is his. The last trip of the speedy bark was made in less than twenty days and the energetic skipper was presented with the prize dry goods and an additional $50.  Captain McLeod says that his vessel is a record-beater in any kind of weather, and as long as her owners give prizes for speed she will gather them in. When the bark gets old and he retires he will start a second-hand clothing-store on the waterfront.

Mr. Coulter, the marine artist, in the accompanying picture has caught the Wood just as she is shortening sail outside the heads in the stiff breeze for a towline from the tug Vigilant.

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