Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fiesta Gigantes -- September 13, 2009

Last night we went to see the Giants play the Dodgers. There had been thunder and lightning in the morning. It was drizzling a little bit when we left the house. We drove downtown and found autos lined up around the block to get into Fifth and Mission. We went around and parked in the garage on Third near Folsom. We walked over the hill on Folsom to the Embarcadero and over to Red's Java Hut. I'm glad the rumors about its closing had proved to be false. I had a cheese dog.

We walked on the to ballpark. The Giants were have a fiesta in the plaza by the bridge, but we decided to go in and watch batting practice. The Fiesta Gigantes was intended to honor their Latin plays of the past and present. Unfortunately, they lost for the first time at home while wearing their Gigantes jerseys. The pitching fell apart and they scored only one run.

It was cold and windy outside the park, and the flags were whipping inside, but we did not get particularly cold. I thought back to Candlestick and my thermal long johns and wool socks.

We rode an N train back to Montgomery.

The Giants are doing better today, so far.

Update: The Giants won 7-2. In the Richmond District, it started raining about 4pm and continued on and off until we came home.

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