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November, 2021 Version of the Cable Car Home Page -- November 1, 2021

Val Lupiz Photo. All Rights Reserved.

The Cable Car Home Page is 25 years old this month. That is pretty darn old for a website.

I just put the November, 2021 version of my Cable Car Home Page on the server:

It includes some new items:
1. Picture of the Month: In May, 2008 Val Lupiz photographed the newly rebuilt Powell Street Car 25 at the Washington/Mason barn. The car had just been labelled for the "United Railroads." Photo by Val Lupiz. All rights reserved.
2. The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of The Cable Car Home Page - November, 1996 - November, 2021
3. On the Why page: "Twenty-Five Years From Home," a new article about where I have been and where I am going with the site.
4. On the Cable Car Lines in San Francisco page: A new article about San Francisco Proposition Q, which froze minimum cable car service in the city at the levels of 01-Jul-1971.
5. Added News item about the passing of Gilberto Godoy, who owned the foundry that produces bells and other metal parts for the cable cars

Ten years ago this month (November, 2011):
1. The picture of the month: Powell/Hyde car 15
2. Fifteenth Anniversary - November, 1996 - November, 2011
3. Thanks to Bob Murphy, added photos from the Bylands Tram Museum to the Melbourne Tramways & Omnibus Company article. These include grips and trailers, and a unique wagon used to haul reels of cable from the ship to the cable tramway powerhouse. A 1925 ad for the Hoffman Tramway Estate, Brunswick. Also some contemporary newspaper articles about the end of the Melbourne cable trams:
-- First Cable Tram for Museum (Launceston, Tasmania Examiner, February 15, 1939)
-- Melbourne's Last Cable Tram Makes Last Trip (Adelaide, South Australia Mail, October 26, 1940)
-- Last Cable Tram/Final Appearance (Townsville Daily Bulletin, October 29, 1940, 1940)
-- Cable Tram for Museum (Melbourne, Victoria Argus, November 29, 1940)
4. Also thanks to Bob Murphy, added photos of a Sutter Street Railway trailer and a California Street Cable Railroad from Knott's Berry Farm which are now preserved at the Orange Empire Railway Museum
5. Added Bibliography items about a collision at Powell and Grant, a "communications glitch" that stopped service on all three lines, Clipper working on cable cars
6. Added "Fifteen Years and What Do You Get?" to the Why page

Twenty years ago this month (November, 2001):
1. Picture of the Month: Powell/Mason car 5
2. Fifth Anniversary - November, 1996 - November, 2001
3. Add "The Cable Street-Railway" magazine article
4. Add more photos to the Ferries and Cliff House and More Ferries and Cliff House page and make images into thumbnails. Includes Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of Washington/Mason
5. Revise Los Angeles Temple Street Cable Railway with some new information. Thanks to Ray Long
6. Add "Reflections After Five Years" to the Why page

Coming in December, 2021: With Christmas coming, it will be a good time to visit the late Joe Lacey's article Christmas on the Cables (22nd anniversary this year), and the Decorated Cable Cars page.

125 years ago this month (November, 1896):
November 30 - The New York and Brooklyn Bridge Railway started adding a Pullman motor car to each train to replace the steam locomotives used for switching

50 years ago this month (November, 1921):
November 02 - San Francisco voters passed Proposition Q, "Charter amendment relating to schedules and fares on cable car lines," which froze minimum cable car service in the city at the levels of 01-Jul-1971.

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