Saturday, November 13, 2021

Moore's Ford Lynchings Investigated to No Avail -- November 13, 2021

Omaha Guide, 09-November-1946

David Bethe's Life at a Glance column comments on what has so far proved to be the last mass lynching in the United States, the Moore's Ford Lynchings: 

No one has ever been convicted. 

Attorney General Tom Clark announced at the opening session of the New York Herald Tribune's fifteenth annual Forum of Current Events that 2500 witnesses had been questioned by the FBI since President Truman ordered an investigation of the lynching of the four Negroes at Monroe, Ga. An awful lot of witnesses to not sift out one member of the mob of culprits. What about justice ? Or did I hear you say, “justice for whites only”. Wait a minute, this is our own Democracy.

But I guess the Department of Justice had better not do too much investigating around the local counties of the State as they might infringe upon the Sacred States Rights and believe me those constituted privileges do protect the sovereign states even if they do wish to permit lynchings, jim crow and the like.

I was just thinking about the Georgia lynchings, Georgia and its white supremacy election laws. Guess you know the majority of the folk there didn't want Governor Eugene Talmadge to be their boss, but he was elected just the same.. He managed to ease in by the way of the County Unit Election system. We talk about dictatorship in Russia. We had better settle our eyes on the Talmadge machine. .It’s getting mighty powerful. Don’t mind, it will grow up to manhood before you know it.

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