Monday, June 7, 2021

Douglas Campbell 125 -- June 7, 2021


Alaska Daily Empire, 31-August-1918

Douglas Campbell was born 125 years ago today, on 07-June-1921. He was a native of San Francisco and was the first American ace who flew in American-trained units. His father was later president of the University of California. On 05-June-1918, he scored his sixth victory. Badly wounded in the engagement, he did not fight again. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. 

Eddie Rickenbacker was America's Ace of Aces in World War One. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Alan Winslow was not an ace, but he shared Campbell's first victory, the first official victory by American pilots in an American unit. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. 

All three men were members of the famous 94th Aero Squadron, the "Hat in the Ring" squadron.

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