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Kevin Barry 100 Years -- November 1, 2020


Richmond, Kentucky Daily Register, 29-November-1920

100 years ago today, on 01-November-1920, the British hanged 18-year-old Irish patriot Kevin Barry. He had been tortured in an effort to get him to reveal the names of his companions in an attack on an army truck that resulted in the death of three soldiers. 

An Irish Lad's Patriotism

Washington Nov. 29 -- A reward of $5,000. full protection and secrecy, and a free pass to any part of the world, -- or death by hanging -- this was the choice given by the British military to Kevin Barry, 18 year old Irish patriot, recently executed for alleged complicity in the Irish troubles.

A letter received today by Mrs. R. E Reardon, 3326 Thirteenth st., from her mother, the widow of an Irish magistrate, gives an intimate picture of the last movements of the young Irishman. The letter quotes' one prominent in public affairs in Dublin as supplying the facts. It was mailed on November 12.

"Kevin Barry was hanged for having attacked a lot of fully armed soldiers and taking their rifles," said the letter. "The day before his death a conditional reprieve arrived from Premier David Lloyd George.

"He was taken out of his cell by two officers ; the scaffold with the rope dangling from the roof, was shown him;.

"If, however, he gave the names of his comrades, he was to get $5000 for each name, full protection, absolute secrecy, and a free pass to any part of the world. He listened attentively, pointed to the scaffold and said :

"I am quite satisfied with the arrangements. They seem to be perfect. Now, take me back to my cell and let me prepare for eternity. I hope never to see any of you again, either here or there."

Barry was a medical student, and the only child of a widowed mother. ' .'

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