Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October, 2019 Version of the Cable Car Home Page -- October 1, 2019

I just put the October, 2019 version of my Cable Car Home Page on the server:

It includes some new items:
1. Picture of the Month: A 1918 view of the Court Flight in Los Angeles (Source: Security Pacific National Bank Photo Collection).
2. On the Los Angeles area funiculars page: Ten and twenty year updates about Court Flight, including some newspaper items and a postcard of the Santa Catalina Island Incline Railway
3. Added News item about the return of the cable cars after the Cable Car Gearbox Rehabilitation project.

Ten years ago this month (October, 2009):
1. Picture of the Month: A circa-1930 view of Court Flight, showing the sandwich shop which provided additional revenue to the line.
2. On the Los Angeles area funiculars page: More about the Court Flight including a photo of Court Flight, an entry from a WPA guide, and some contemporary newspaper articles:
- Court Flight Delayed by Rain (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, January 1, 1905)
- Court Flight Real Estate Ad (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, January 8, 1905)
- Court Flight Fights A Competitor (Los Angeles Herald, Saturday, January 14, 1905)
- Court Flight Approved (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, August 13, 1905)
- Court Flight In Progress (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, August 27, 1905)
- Court Flight to Open Monday (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, September 24, 1905)
- Court Flight a Success (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, October 15, 1905)
- Court Flight Tax Plea (Los Angeles Herald, Tuesday, June 26, 1906)
- Court Flight Inspires Hotel (Los Angeles Herald, Sunday, October 21, 1906) Court Flight Losing Money (Los Angeles Herald, Friday, February 8, 1907)
3. Also on the Los Angeles area funiculars page: Another postcard of the Santa Catalina Island Incline Railway
4. Added News item about two new cable car videos, one for kids and one about the bell ringing contest. Created a new section on these and other Cable Car Videos on the San Francisco detail page
5. Also News and Bibliography items about a collision at Washington and Mason

Twenty years ago this month (October, 1999):
1. Picture of the Month: Powell and Mason, 1880's
2. Roll out More Ferries and Cliff House Pictures page
3. Roll out Los Angeles area funiculars/Court Flight and Catalina on the Other California Cities page
4. Add RR Extra to links
5. Add news item and bibliography item about a loose strand
6. Updated SF Roster page

Coming in November, 2019: On the Los Angeles area funiculars page: A ten and twenty year update about the Los Angeles and Mount Washington Railway

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