Friday, August 2, 2019

14 Are Killed as Giant Plane Falls -- August 2, 2019
The Caproni Ca.48 was a triplane airliner adapted from the Ca.4 bomber of World War One.  On a trial flight on 02-August-1919, it flew from the factory near Milan to Venice.  On the return flight, the wings buckled and the plane crashed, killing everyone aboard.  Accounts vary as to the number of passengers and crew.  This article is from the 03-August-1919 New York Tribune.  

14 Are Killed as
Giant 'Plane Falls
Caproni's Passengers and
Crew Dashed 3,000 Ft.
to Death Near Verona

ROME, Aug. 2 (By The Associated Press).-- A Caproni airplane flying from Venice to Milan to-day with fourteen persons on board fell to the ground from a height of 1,000 metres (about 3,300 feet) near Verona. All on board were killed.

The giant Caproni airplanes were specially designed and built to establish passenger service between the principal Italian cities, which was to be further extended to French and British cities as the business developed. The service between Venice and Milan was to be inaugurated this summer, and yesterday's disastrous flight may have been the first trip of the ill-fated machine.

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