Thursday, September 13, 2018

Service Code for Hotel Employees -- September 13, 2018

University Missourian, Columbia, Missouri, 26-September-1910
When we visited New Orleans in 2013, we stayed at the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter.  Despite my red necktie, green vest and tan shoes, they treated us very well.  

Service Code for Hotel Employees

When the employees of the Monteleone hotel receive their next pay envelope they are going to find enclosed a new service code which the hotel will adopt.

The following extracts from it give an excellent idea of what will be expected of the employees in the future:

"The Hotel Monteleone is operated for the benefit and convenience of its guests.

"Without guests there could be no Hotel Monteleone.

"Never be perky, pungent or fresh. The guest pays your salary as well as mine.  He is your Immediate benefactor.

"A man may wear a red necktie, a green vest and tan shoes and still be a gentleman.

The stranger in cowhide boots, broad brim and rusty black hat may be president of a railroad or a senator from over the ridge.

You cannot afford to be superior or sullen with any patron of this hotel. I said so."

-- New Orleans Picayune

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