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September, 2018 Version of the Cable Car Home Page -- September 1, 2018

I just put the September, 2018 version of my Cable Car Home Page on the server: 

It includes some new items:
1. Picture of the Month: Crowds wait at the Haight and Stanyan Street entrance to Golden Gate Park. Omnibus Railroad and Cable Company car 6 from the Oak Street line stands at the terminal on Stanyan Street. The photo was taken between 1889 when the line opened and early 1894 when the car was renumbered. (Source: OpenSFHistory / wnp37.03316.jpg).
2. On the Omnibus Railroad and Cable Company page: A ten and twenty year update on San Francisco's Omnibus Railroad and Cable Company, which built the last new cable car system in San Francisco. Includes contemporary newspaper articles.
3. On the Cable Tramways in Australia and New Zealand page: An update about a project to restore a portion of Dunedin, New Zealand's Mornington Tramway to service. Also a News item
4. On the Who page: A new article about the late Joe Lacey, who contributed much to this website.
5. On the Cable Cars in the Pacific Northwest page: A newspaper article about an 1890 fire which harmed the Spokane Cable Railway
6. On the Other California Cities page: An 1891 newspaper article interviewing James Clifton Robinson about the Los Angeles Cable Railway/Pacific Cable Railway
7. On the Cable Car Lines in Colorado page: An update about the current status of the Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway, a cog railroad

Ten years ago this month (September, 2008):
1. Picture of the Month: A Clay Street Hill Railroad train climbs the hill in this woodcut from "The Cable Railway Company's System of Traction Railways for Cities and Towns"
2. New item: "The Cable Railway Company's System of Traction Railways for Cities and Towns": A promotional booklet published by the cable railway trust
3. On the Omnibus Railroad page: An 1890 advertisement for the company that made the elevator in the Tenth and Howard powerhouse.
4. On the Miscellany page: Cable-Driven Transit in Alaska, photos from a cruise we took in July. A funicular in Ketchikan and an aerial tramway in Juneau
5. Added News and Bibliography items about a California Street collision

Twenty years ago this month (September, 1998):
1. Picture of the Month: Sacramento & Grant.
2. Move Omnibus Railroad to separate page. Add more information about the company. Add inline Union Hall picture.
3. Add 125th anniversary to news & bibliography
4. Add guest book
5. Add Section 16.100 of the San Francisco City Charter and current route map to the SF Miscellany section
6. Created news archive. Moved GSPO powerhouse & Mrs Klussman stories
7. Start moving back to subdirectories

125 years ago this month, on 01-September-1893, the Saint Paul City Railway's Seventh Street line was converted to electric traction

Coming in October, 2018: On the Chicago page: The 125th anniversary of Chicago Day at the World's Columbian Exposition.

Also Coming in October, 2018: on the San Francisco page: A ten and twenty year update on San Francisco's Telegraph Hill Railroad, a funicular which climbed Greenwich Street to the top of Telegraph Hill

The Cable Car Home Page now has a Facebook page:

Joe Thompson
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