Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fonck, Daring Flier, Levels 6 Foes in Day -- May 9, 2018

Washington Evening Times, 10-May-1918
French ace René Fonck was the highest-scoring Allied ace, with 72 confirmed victories. 100 years ago today, on 09-May-1918, he shot down six German airplanes. 


Achievement of French Ace Never
Has Been Equaled on the
Western Front.

By the Associated Press.

PARIS, May 10. -- Six German airplanes were brought down yesterday by Sub-Lieut. Rene Fonck, the war office announces. The statement follows:

"Yesterday Lieut. Fonck brought down six German biplanes in the course of two patrols. He downed the first two in ten seconds, the third five minutes later and the other three in the course of the second patrol."

Lieut. Fonck's achievement of yesterday has never been equaled. He is the greatest French air battler since the death of Capt. Guynemer.

Lieut. Fonck, who recently took a leading place among the French aces, was credited unofficially nearly a month ago with . having shot down thirty-four German machines. He is described as a remarkably cool and daring fighter. Recently he caught two German machines in a squadron of eight, felled one of them and put the other to flight.

A year ago Lieut. Fonck was unknown as a fighting aviator. He entered the aerial service as pilot of an airplane regulating artillery fire. After more than 500-hours of flight over the line and two victories over German planes which had attempted to interfere with his work, he was sent into a squadron, of pursuit planes. Eight days later, on May 13, 1917, he became an ace, being cited officially as having destroyed his fifth airplane. He is twenty-three years old.

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