Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Westlake Joe's -- June 1, 2016

Saturday we went to Westlake Joe's, now called Original Joe's at Westlake, with my mother and my uncle, who used to be a waiter there.  He didn't like it the first time he visited, but Saturday he was happy to have a waiter he knew, to talk to the old maitre d' and to talk to the daughter of the owner.  I think he likes it now.  I had some recent dental work that restricted me to linguine with pesto.  It was good.  We were all impressed by how nice the room was.  The booths were comfortable.  The kitchen was laid out differently.  My uncle was sad that he didn't know any of the cooks.

The restaurant had been closed for two years.  The current owners also have Original Joe's.  

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