Friday, September 18, 2015

News of the Week September 18, 1915 -- September 18, 2015

The 18-September-1915 Motography featured "News of the Week as Shown in Films," with items from current newsreels.

"Yacht race at Panama-Pacific Fair for cup given by England's king.  Copyright 1915, by Mutual Weekly."  This is the first appearance in News of the Week As Shown in Films of the Mutual Weekly.  Yacht races were held around August 25-29 at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.  If the is the six meter race on August 29, Nordug IV, defeated by King Christian of Denmark, defeated its only opponent, Lady Betty, which was built for the race because of the war inspired lack of entrants. 

"The Atlantic fleet arrives at Boston to be inspected.  Copyright 1915 by Pathe News."  The Atlantic fleet was reviewed in Boston on 27-August-1915. 

"Torpedo boat destroyer Porter launched at Philadelphia.  Copyright 1915 Hearst-Selig News Pictorial."  USS Porter (DD-59) was launched from the yard of William Cramp and Sons on 26-August-1915.  When the US entered the war, she served in a squadron that went to Europe to patrol the Western Approaches.  She attacked and damaged U-108.  In 1924, she was transferred to the Coast Guard to perform Prohibition patrols.  She was scrapped in 1934. 

"Business men wading to their offices in Galveston, Texas after flood.  Copyright 1915 by Pathe News."  Galveston, Texas had been nearly destroyed by a 1900 hurricane.  Thousands died.  A powerful hurricane in 1915 did not cause as much damage because of a new sea wall.  Only 53 died. 

"Ruins of sea wall at Galveston, Texas.  Copyright 1915 by Universal Animated Weekly."  See the previous item. 

"Texas rangers capture Mexican bandits at Norie, Texas.  Copyright 1915 Hearst-Selig News Pictorial."  Tension was building up along the border with Mexico.  I haven't found anything about this particular event in newspapers. 

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