Monday, September 28, 2015

Muni Heritage Festival 2015 -- September 28, 2015

After the success of the  Muni Centennial Vintage Service in 2012, Muni and the Market Street Railway decided to make it an annual event. In 2015, they moved the event from November to September, hoping to get better weather.
Above we see car 578, built in 1896 for the original Market Street Railway, as it zips along the Embarcadero. People often call it a cable car.

Car 578 stops across from the MSR Museum on Don Chee Way. It will turn left on Steuart, left on Mission, and lrft on the Embarcadero. It will turn around on the loop in front of the Pier 39 garage. The ugly structure in the background was erected for a squash tournament. Who plays squash? 

The MSR Museum. A chart in front of the Wiley birdcage traffic light tells when vintage streetcars and buses will next depart.

In the MSR Museum, we looked at the new exhibit of car cards and admired this box, raising funds for preservation.

Unique original-condition California Street Cable Railroad O'Farrell-Jones-Hyde car 42 made a rare appearance. We did not get to ride it. S

Blackpool boat tram 233 stops on Don Chee Way to let passengers alight. 233 was acquired in 2013. This was the first Heritage Weekend where it operated. Note the pirate flag.

Blackpool boat tram 228 turns from the Embarcadero to Don Chee Way. We boarded it for a ride to Pier 39 and back.

Our motorman on Blackpool boat tram 228 wore a shirt congratulating Blackpool Transport on the 130th anniversary of eletric traction in Blackpool, which they were celebrating the same weekend.

A closer view of his shirt, designed and made by motorman Robert Parks.

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