Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Caltrans Hates Pacifica -- August 4, 2015

Monday afternoon my wife called me at work and said that Highway One was blocked after Sharp Park.  It took her an hour to get through and people were driving crazily.  She saw a school bus make a U-turn at a freeway entrance. 

When I went home, it took over two hours to go from Manor to Vallemar.  The right lane southbound was coned off just after Sharp Park.  When I went by, a crew was pouring asphalt between Vallemar and Fassler. 

A poor guy in an ice cream truck took off his seat belt, grabbed a bottle of water and poured it over his radiator grille.  I took the opportunity to move to the left lane. 

There were no policemen or Highway Patrol officers directing traffic.  They could have helped at the merge and at Edgemar where people were trying to merge in from both sides of the road. 

The work finished late last night, in part because of an accident during the day and because the asphalt trucks couldn't get through the traffic. 

Later we learned that Caltrans notified the city of Pacifica about the work Monday night, after the lane had been closed all day.  Some idiot had misplaced the email.  Caltrans planned to do a northbound lane today.  Mayor Karen Ervin persuaded them not to do it. 

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