Sunday, March 1, 2015

San Francisco History Expo #5 - 01-March-2015

Yesterday we attended the fourth annual San Francisco History Expo at the Old Mint. There was a good crowd. 

At the Market Street Railway exhibit, I had a nice chat with rail historian Mike Sheridan, proprietor of www.

The Friends of the Cable Car Museum had an extensive exhibit. I had a nice chat with Mike Phipps, who was going to speak about the Fillmore Hill Counterbalance. Jose Godoy gave us his custom-made buttons.

A beautiful model of Powell Street car 16 at the Friends exhibit.

A model of a Geary Street Park and Ocean Railway grip and trailer train at the Friends exhibit.

A model of a post-1906 Sacramento-Clay car at the Friends exhibit.

Many of the exhibits had an emphasis on the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. 

I'm grateful to my wife for coming along and patiently putting up with my hobbies.

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