Thursday, December 11, 2014

Impression of Herrmann's Hand -- December 11, 2014

Alexander Herrmann was born in France. Alexander's father Samuel started the family in the magic business. Alexander's brother Compars (Carl) carried on the business and taught it to Alexander. Alexander toured the world, but chose to settle in America and become a naturalized citizen. He married Adelaide, who became his collaborator. Herrmann the Great was the most popular magician in America until he died in 1896. Madame Herrmann carried on the act, joined by his nephew Leon, who assumed the title Herrmann the Great. From Magic: Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions, Including Trick Photography, edited by Albert Allis Hopkins.


We had a big storm last night and today.  Yesterday school districts all around the bay said schools would be closed today.  Traffic was light this morning as I drove slowly up One to the Colma BART station.  I was fine till I reached the corner of Market and Fremont, and then got hit with wind and rain driving straight at me.  My shoes and socks got soaked.  I saw several doorways with sandbags.  I worked all day.  It wasn't too bad getting home, except the ramp to get back on One from the BART station was flooded. 

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