Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Child's Journey Through Ellis Island 2 -- October 2, 2014

Exhibitors' Herald, 28-May-1921

Today I went to Saint Anthony-Immaculate Conception School in San Francisco and talked to my daughter's 5th grade about "A Child's Journey Through Ellis Island." They are participating in a DAR essay contest on the subject. I talked about the skills involved in writing a good essay and targeting it to your audience. I gave them background on US immigration history and nativist reaction to immigration. We talked about who they were travelling with, how they would get to Ellis Island and what would happen on the island. It was fun, and they asked good questions. After, I was very tired.   When I got home, I had to work on a production problem. 

Alice Brady was the daughter of theatrical impresario (great word) William A Brady.  She was a popular actress in silent and sound films.  She played Carole Lombard's mother in My Man Godfrey.  In the lost film The Land of Hope, she played a Russian immigrant who arrived at Ellis Island. 

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