Thursday, September 26, 2013

1930 Bucciali TAV 8 Roadster -- September 26, 2013

We visited the Blackhawk Museum in June to drool over their collection of classic autos.  This 1930 Bucciali TAV (Traction Avant/Front Wheel Drive) 8 Roadster may be the only surviving Bucciali.  Brothers Paul-Albert and Angelo built only 36 cars, but built each to a very high standard.  The red streaks visible along the sides of the engine compartment are storks, inspired by Paul's flying in the French Escadrille les Cigognes (Storks) during World War One.

Last night Barry Zito pitched his last game for the Giants and got the win against the Dodgers.  Some time after the game, a Dodgers fan got stabbed to death at Third and Harrison.  That is terrible.  We stopped going to Dodgers games while the Giants were still at Candlestick.  There are too many amateurs.

Tonight Tim Lincecum may be pitching his last game for the Giants. 

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