Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Doubleheader -- July 24, 2013

Yesterday we went to see the Giants play the Reds in a doubleheader.  When we bought the tickets, they were for a single night game, but the Giants got rained out at Cincinnatti on July 4, and this was was the only opportunity to do a makeup.  We found parking place at the Daly City BART station and rode to the Embarcadero.  There was a table within the gates of the BART area selling all day transfers as tickets to the ballpark.  A T car came right away, it was jammed.  We were able to get on the next one.

The Giants were ahead 1-0 when we got to the ballpark.  They were behind 4-1 when we reached our seats on the club level.   Eric Surkamp, brought up for the doubleheader, did not last long.  We went into the club area and had dinner at a table.  The Giants made some noise in the 9th inning, but lost 9-3. 

Late in the game, a police boat appeared in the cove and cruised right along the edge of park.  The Phoenix also appeared and dropped a crewman off on the walkway.  We saw a procession of many police motorcycles and two buses go along the other side of the channel. 

During the break between games, we learned that it was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  The San Francisco Police color guard came out.  The motorcycles ringed the outfield.  Police family members marched in.  Phoenix pumped water during the National Anthem. 

The second game was odd because the Reds were the home team.  The Giants batted first and wore their road uniforms.  Barry Zito started and did well, but left before he pitched 5 full innings.  The Giants won 5-3.  We had to get up early today, so we left about 10pm, during the seventh inning. 

We got on a Muni Metro call quickly.  When we got to the BART station, signs said trains would only run on track 2.  They were single-tracking trains through the tunnel so we had to wait a while for a Daly City train.  We followed the game on ESPN's mobile site till my battery gave out.  The game ended just after we got to the car. 

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